Pamela Robinson

Assistant Professor

Office: ART 241

Research Summary

Rationality; Ethics & Metaethics; Epistemology; AI Ethics & Safety.



PhD, Rutgers University

Research Interests & Projects

My research investigates normative uncertainty and related problems at the intersection of ethics and epistemology, as well as the ethics and risks of artificial intelligence.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Robinson, P. Moral Disagreement and Artificial Intelligence. 2023. AI & Society.

Robinson, P. and K. Steele. 2022. Moral Uncertainty, Noncognitivism, and the Multi-Objective Story. Noûs, 57(4): 922-941.

Robinson, P. 2021. Is Normative Uncertainty Irrelevant if Your Descriptive Uncertainty Depends On It? Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 103(4): 874-899.


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