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Department of Economics, Philosophy and Political Science 
Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of British Columbia Okanagan
1147 Research Road
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7

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Holger Andreas | Assistant Professor | Philosophy | | 250.807.8130 | SCI 211
Research Interests: Philosophy of science, formal epistemology, logic.
Courses & Teaching: Philosophy of science, logic, metaphysics, and epistemology.
Kenneth Carlaw | Professor | Economics | | 250.807.9264 | SCI 263
Research Interests: Evolutionary economics applied to historical technological change and sustainable long term economic growth; application in policy analysis of economic growth, development and sustainability as well in the development of measurement methodology; analysis of issues of socially just wealth distribution.
Courses & Teaching: Macroeconomics; strategic thinking; economic growth; productivity and technological change.
Tiffany Clarke | Senior Department Assistant | Economics, Philosophy and Political Science | | 250.807.9124 | ART 271
Andrea Craig | Assistant Professor | Economics | | ART 255
Research Interests: Urban Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Courses & Teaching: Principles of Microeconomics, International Trade, Urban Economics
Wei Dai | Assistant Professor | Economics | | ART 233
Research Interests: Macroeconomics; Monetary Economics; Applied Econometrics; Time Series Analysis; Index Number Theory
David Ding | Emeritus Faculty | Political Science |
Research Interests: Chinese politics; Northeast Asian politics; international relations.
B. Curtis Eaton | Adjunct Professor | Economics | | 250.872.9511
Research Interests: Applied microeconomic theory; evolutionary game theory; the economics of social interaction and well-being.
Manfred Elfstrom | Assistant Professor | Political Science | | 250.807.8675 | ART243

Graduate student supervisor

Research Interests: Chinese politics; social movements; labor; authoritarianism.
Courses & Teaching: Topics in Comparative Politics: China (POLI 314); Problems in International Relations: Seminar (POLI 464); Introduction to Comparative Politics (POLI 220).
Brad Epperly | Assistant Professor | Political Science | | ART 229
Research Interests: Rule of law; law and politics; democracy and authoritarianism; postcommunist politics
Courses & Teaching: Introduction to Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (POLI 223); Contemporary European Politics (POLI 464)
Giovanni B. Grandi | Associate Professor | Philosophy | | 250.807.8605 | ART 230
Research Interests: Early modern philosophy, history of economic thought
Courses & Teaching: Early modern philosophy, logic and critical thinking, Austrian school of economics
Thomas Heilke | Professor | Political Science | | 250.807.8539 | ART 239
Research Interests: Political philosophy and theory; classical political thought; modern political thought; political theology; religion and politics; political ideologies; international relations in political philosophy.
Courses & Teaching: Political philosophy; history of political thought; religion and politics; international relations in political philosophy.
Maxime Heroux-Legault | Assistant Professor | Economics | | 250.807.9606 | ART 225
Research Interests: Canadian Politics, Research Methods, Election studies
Courses & Teaching: Canadian Politics, Research Methods, Election studies
Ross Hickey | Associate Professor | Economics, Faculty of Management | | 250.807.8653
Research Interests: Public finance and political economy; fiscal policy (government expenditure and taxation) and how it is influenced by interactions within a hierarchy of governments (municipal, provincial and federal); elections; lobbying activity.
Courses & Teaching: Public finance; empirical economics; macroeconomics. Specifically: ECON 327 - Introduction to Empirical Methods; ECON 328 - Methods of Empirical Research; ECON 102 - Principals of Macroeconomics.
Carl Hodge | Professor Emeritus | Political Science |
Research Interests: European politics; American politics; international security.
Courses & Teaching: Comparative politics; American and European politics, imperialism; war.
Min Hu | Assistant Professor | Economics |
Research Interests: Health Economics, Applied Microeonomics, Labour Economics, Social Policy
Jennifer Ingle | Lecturer | Philosophy | | 250.807.9114
Research Interests: Plato, Feminism, Environmental Ethics, Virtue epistemology
Courses & Teaching: Introduction to Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Computer Ethics, Feminism, Aesthetics
Andrew Irvine | Professor | Philosophy | | 250.807.9704 | ART 309
Courses & Teaching: Introduction to philosophy, logic, philosophy of law.
Khan Jahirul Islam | Lecturer | Economics | | 250.807.9591
Research Interests: Applied Economics, Economic Development, Behavioural Economics, Public Policy, Economics of Corruption and Conflict.
Courses & Teaching: Microeconomics, Development Economics, Money and Banking, Managerial Economics, Labour Economics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Environmental Economics.
John Janmaat | Associate Professor | Economics | | 250.807.8021 | ART 231
Research Interests: Environmental and resource economics, particularly the economics of water resources; factors that determine water use in the Okanagan and other regions; policy options to encourage ways of using water - and other resources - to more effectively serve the needs and wants of local communities and society at large.
Courses & Teaching: Environmental and natural resource economics; experimental economics; development economics; cost-benefit analysis.
Mohsen Javdani (On Leave) | Associate Professor | Economics | | 250.807.9152
Research Interests: Labour economics, applied econometrics, economics of education, economics of immigrants and minorities, economics of gender, personnel economics, economics and ideology.
Courses & Teaching: Labour economics, econometrics, microeconomics, game theory.
James Johnson | Associate Professor | Economics | | 250.807.9391 | ART 232
Research Interests: Labour economics and the economics of education.
Courses & Teaching: Empirical economics; methods of empirical research.
Adam Jones | Professor | Political Science | | 250.807.9624 | ART 257
Research Interests: Genocide and structural violence; crimes against humanity; gender and violence; gender and international political economy; research impacts human rights policymaking and social activism, gender and development policies, humanitarian intervention and peacebuilding, and international law.
Courses & Teaching: Genocide studies; human rights; gender and international relations; mass media.
Liana Knezevic | Administrative Assistant | Economics, Philosophy and Political Science | | 250.807.9574 | ART 275
Christopher Martin | Associate Professor | Economics, Philosophy and Political Science, Education, Faculty of Management, Philosophy | | 250.807.8427 | EME3159

Graduate student supervisor

Research Interests: Philosophy of education; educational ethics; the aims of higher education; education for democracy
Courses & Teaching: Philosophical Inquiry in Education Controversial Issues in Education Conceptions of Teaching and Learning Policy and Education
Barrie McCullough | Emeritus Faculty | Political Science |
Research Interests: Political ideologies; problems in international law; Canadian constitutional law.
Courses & Teaching: Political philosophy; Canadian constitutional law; international law.
Ananya Mukherjee Reed | Provost and Vice-President Academic | Economics, Philosophy and Political Science, Office of the Provost and Vice-President | | 250.807.9130
Noriko Ozawa | Associate Professor of Teaching, Associate Head | Economics | | 250.807.9303 | ART 260
Research Interests: Industrial organization; applied microeconomics; applied game theory; understanding how firms determine their vertical boundaries and arrange their relationships with suppliers and customers; examines the organizational forms employed by Japanese firms by focusing on their effectiveness for coordinating various production activities.
Courses & Teaching: Consumer behaviour; firm and market structure; business strategy; game theory.
Kit Pasula | Associate Professor | Economics | | 250.807.9370 | ART 238
Research Interests: Macroeconomics; international economics; monetary economics.
Courses & Teaching: ECON 340 - Financial Economics; ECON 356 - International Finance; ECON 402 - Applied Macroeconomic Analysis
Julien Picault | Associate Professor of Teaching | Economics | | 250.807.9227 | ART 253
Research Interests: Economic Education and Pedagogy, Labour Economics, Discrimination, and Industrial Organization.
Courses & Teaching: ECON 102 - Principles of Macroeconomics; ECON 351 - Women in the Economy; ECON 391Q - Economics and the Media
Karl Pinno | Lecturer | Economics | | 250.807.9885
Research Interests: Energy, macroeconomics, finance. Money and banking.
Courses & Teaching: Macroeconomics, energy, econometrics, energy econometrics, international finance, trade, money and banking, and history of economic thought.
Madeleine Ransom | Assistant Professor | Philosophy | | ART 338
Research Interests: Philosophy of Perception; Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Technology; Epistemology; Aesthetics.
Courses & Teaching: Philosophy of Technology
Jim Robinson | Associate Professor | Philosophy | | 250.807.9410 | ART 236
Research Interests: Virtue Ethics and Applied Ethics. My conference presentations focus on healthcare ethics. My articles, mainly concerning Plato, appear in Phronesis, Journal of Philosophical Research, Teaching Philosophy, and Journal of Military Ethics.
Courses & Teaching: PHIL 230: Ethics and PHIL 435: Environmental Ethics
James Rochlin | Professor | Political Science | | 250.807.9388 | ART 256
Research Interests: Research Summary: Latin American security and political economy, Critical Security Studies, and Global Politics Theory.
Dan Ryder | Associate Professor | Philosophy | | 250.807.9646 | ART 241
Research Interests: Philosophy of mind and cognitive science (esp. intentionality, mental representation & consciousness); theoretical neuroscience (esp. learning in cerebral cortex); metaphysics (esp. dispositions); philosophy of science.
Courses & Teaching: Philosophy of mind; philosophy of psychology; critical thinking; biomedical ethics.
Halina Sapeha | Assistant Professor | Economics, Philosophy and Political Science |
Research Interests: global public policy; comparative public policy; multi-level governance; evidence-informed policy-making; global migration governance.
Courses & Teaching: International politics; constitutional law; international law
Roger Shiner | Adjunct Professor | Philosophy | | 250.470.0333
Research Interests: Philosophy of Law; criminal law, esp. as concerns corporations; freedom of expression, esp. as concerns corporations; 20th-century analytical philosophy of law
Courses & Teaching: Most recently taught Philosophy of Law, Business Ethics, Computer Ethics, Contemporary Moral Issues
Geoffrey Sigalet | Assistant Professor | Political Science | | ART 234
Research Interests: Canadian Charter Rights and Public Policy, Federalism, Constitutional Theory, Theories of Constitutional Interpretation, Judicial Politics, Comparative Constitutional Law, and Democratic Theory.
Courses & Teaching: Canadian Charter Politics, Federalism, Comparative Constitutional Law, Democratic Theory.
Manuela Ungureanu | Associate Professor | Philosophy | | 250.807.9375 | ART 236
Research Interests: Social epistemology, philosophy of language, translation studies, philosophy of social sciences.
Courses & Teaching: Philosophy of language, epistemology, philosophy of social sciences.
Piotr Wrzesniewski | Emeritus Faculty | Philosophy |
Research Interests: Philosophy of science and philosophy of information; analysis, development, and modification of theoretical concepts.
Helen Yanacopulos | Department Head | Economics, Philosophy and Political Science | | 250.807.8267 | ART 266

Graduate student supervisor

Research Interests: International Development; collective action and strategy of transnational networks; civil society and NGOs; political communication; international norms; anti-slavery; conflict and development.
Courses & Teaching: Critical international development; international organisations; conflict; transnational networks; international norms.

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