Emeriti Faculty

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David Ding | Emeritus Faculty | Political Science | david.ding@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Chinese politics; Northeast Asian politics; international relations.
Carl Hodge | Professor Emeritus | Political Science | carl.hodge@ubc.ca
Research Interests: European politics; American politics; international security.
Courses & Teaching: Comparative politics; American and European politics, imperialism; war.
Barrie McCullough | Emeritus Faculty | Political Science | barrie.mccullough@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Political ideologies; problems in international law; Canadian constitutional law.
Courses & Teaching: Political philosophy; Canadian constitutional law; international law.
Piotr Wrzesniewski | Emeritus Faculty | Philosophy | piotr.wrzesniewski@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Philosophy of science and philosophy of information; analysis, development, and modification of theoretical concepts.