David Ding

Emeritus Faculty

Political Science
Email: david.ding@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Chinese politics; Northeast Asian politics; international relations.


PhD, University of Calgary
MA, University of Virginia

Selected Publications & Presentations

Yijiang Ding, “Consolidation of the PRC’s leadership succession system from Hu Jintao to Xi Jinping,” China Report Vol. 51, Issue 1, (February 2015), pp.49-65.

Yijiang Ding, “Cross-Strait peace agreement: diminishing likelihood,” Asian Affairs: an American Review Vol. 39, No.1 (2012), pp.1-20.

Yijiang Ding, “Beijing’s new approach and the rapprochement in the Taiwan Strait,” Asian Affairs: an American Review Vol. 36, No.4 (January 2010), pp.179-199.

Yijiang Ding, “Engagement or confrontation in the era of globalization and democratization,” The Review of International Affairs Vol. 3 No.4 (summer 2004), pp.613-626.

Yijiang Ding. Chinese Democracy After Tiananmen (UBC Press 2001; Columbia University Press, 2002).

Yijiang Ding, “Pre- and post-Tiananmen conceptual evolution of democracy in intellectual circles’ rethinking of state and society,” Journal of Contemporary China Vol. 7, No.18 (Summer 1998), pp.229-256.

Yijiang Ding, “Corporatism and civil society in China, an overview of the recent debate,” China Information Vol.12, No.4 (Spring 1998), pp.44-67.


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