Holger Andreas

Associate Professor

Office: SCI 211
Phone: 250.807.8130
Email: holger.andreas@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Philosophy of science, formal epistemology, logic.

Courses & Teaching

Philosophy of science, logic, metaphysics, and epistemology.


Video Intro


Holger Andreas’ Research Website


PhD, University of Leipzig

Research Interests & Projects

My research interrelates philosophical logic with epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of science; novel results in philosophy of mind and cogntive science have emerged from it as well.

Philosophy of Science:
Theoretical concepts, causation, and explanation.

Philosophical Logic:
Conditionals, nonmonotonic and paraconsistent reasoning, tractability.

AGM-style belief revision theory, model-theoretic argument.

Cognitive and Computer Science:
Tractability and modularity of human cognition, truth maintenance.

History of Philosophy:
Identity philosophy in Leibniz, Schelling, and Hegel.

Selected Publications & Presentations

(forthcoming): Thinking in Frames: An Approach to Tractable Reasoning, submitted to Synthese Library/Springer.

(2019): Causation in Terms of Production. Philosophical Studies, (together with Mario Günther).

(2019): A Ramsey Test Analysis of Causation for Causal Models, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, (together with Mario Günther).

(2019): On the Ramsey Test Analysis of `Because’, Erkenntnis, (together with Mario Günther).

(2019): Hypothetical Interventions and Belief Changes, Foundations of Science (together with Lorenzo Casini).

(2019): Explanatory Conditionals, Philosophy of Science 86(5).

(2018): Modular Semantics for Axiomatic Theories: An Approach to Paraconsistent Reasoning, Journal of Philosophical Logic, 47: 877-912.

(2016): A Choice-Semantical Approach to Theoretical Truth, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, (together with Georg Schiemer), 58: 1-8.

(2016) Logical Studies of Paraconsistent Reasoning in Science and Mathematics, Series: Trends in Logic, Springer, co-edited with Peter Verdée.

(2015): A Finite Memory Argument for an Axiomatic Conception of Scientific Theories, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 29:113-128.

(2014): Carnapian Structuralism, Erkenntnis 79: 1373-1391.

(2014) Perspectives on Structuralism, Special Issue for Erkenntnis, Vol. 79, co-edited with Frank Zenker.

(2013): Deductive Reasoning in the Structuralist Approach, Studia Logica 101: 1093-1113.

(2011): A Structuralist Theory of Belief Revision, Journal of Logic, Language and Information 20: 205-232.

(2011): Semantic Challenges to Scientific Realism, Journal for General Philosophy of Science 42: 17-31.

(2011): Wissenschaftslogik von Gedankenexperimenten, Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 59: 75-91.

(2010): A Modal View of the Semantics of Theoretical Sentences, Synthese 174: 367-383.

(2010): New Account of Empirical Claims in Structuralism, Synthese 176: 311-332.

(2010): Semantic Holism in Scientific Language, Philosophy of Science 77: 524- 543.

(2008): Ontological Aspects of Measurement, Axiomathes 18: 379-394. Page 13/15.

(2008): Another Solution to the Problem of Theoretical Terms, Erkenntnis 69: 315- 333.

(2008): Zur semantischen Analyse von Erscheinungssätzen bei Sellars, Facta Philosophica 10: 269-283.

(2007): Carnap’s Wissenschaftslogik. Eine Untersuchung zur Zweistufenkonzeption, Paderborn: mentis.

(2004): Das Problem der Chronometerauswahl, Journal for General Philosophy of Science 35: 205-234.


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