Jim Robinson

Associate Professor

Office: ART 234
Phone: 250.807.9410
Email: jim.robinson@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Virtue Ethics and Applied Ethics. My articles, mainly concerning Plato, appear in Phronesis, Journal of Philosophical Research, Teaching Philosophy, and Journal of Military Ethics.

Courses & Teaching

PHIL 111: Introduction to Philosophy; PHIL 230: Ethics; PHIL 309: Ancient Greek Philosophy and PHIL 435: Environmental Ethics


Jim Robinson received his B.A. (Honours) from Brock University and his MA and PhD from the University of Waterloo. He has taught at the University of Waterloo, Brock University, Concordia University, Okanagan University College and UBC Okanagan.

Favourite site for philosophy podcasts:
History of Philosophy without any gaps

Favourite online philosophy source:
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


PhD, University of Waterloo
MA, University of Waterloo

Research Interests & Projects

Current research focuses on virtue ethics as applied to institutions and the environment.

Selected Publications & Presentations

‘Plato and the Virtues of Military Units’. Journal of Military Ethics. Vol. 13.2 (2014): 190-202.

‘ A Change in Plato’s Conception of the Good’. Journal of Philosophical Research. 18 (1993): 231 -241.

‘Teaching the Allegory of the Cave’. Teaching Philosophy. 15.4 (1992): 329 – 335.

‘The Nature of the Soul in Republic X’. Journal of Philosophical Research. 16 (1991): 213 – 222.

‘The Tripartite Soul in the Timaeus’. PHRONESIS-A JOURNAL FOR ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY. 35.1 (1990): 103 – 110.


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