Julien Picault


Other Titles: PPE Program Coordinator, Editor - International Review of Economic Education
Office: ART 253
Phone: 250.807.9227
Email: julien.picault@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Economic Education and Pedagogy, Labour Economics, Discrimination, and Industrial Organization.

Courses & Teaching

ECON 102 - Principles of Macroeconomics; ECON 351 - Women in the Economy; ECON 391Q - Economics and the Media


Julien Picault is an economics educator at the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UBC Okanagan. He did his doctoral studies at HEC Montreal and is currently teaching various economics courses including Industrial Organization, Cost-Benefit Analysis, and Women in the Economy. His research interests are in Economics Pedagogy, Labour Economics and, Industrial Organization.


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PhD, HEC Montréal

Selected Publications & Presentations

Ben Abdesslem, A. and Picault, J. (2023), Bounty Hunters Can Teach Microeconomics Illustrations from Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, Eastern Economic Journal, 49 (3), 349–367.

Ben Abdesslem, A. and Picault J. (2023), Using Netflix Original Series to Teach Economics: a Diversity and Inclusion Approach, International Review of Economics Education 44, 100278.

Geerling, W., Mateer, D.G., and Picault J. (2023), Extreme Pricing Goes Viral: Lessons for Teaching Price Controls, Journal for Economic Educators, Forthcoming.

Picault, J. (2023), A Strategic Approach to Managerial Compliance With Equal Pay Policies, SN Business & Economics 3 (8), 147

Picault, J. (2022), Inventories in GDP: A Classroom Learning Strategy, Journal for Economic Educators 22(2), 16-21.

Picault, J. (2021), Structure, Flexibility, and Consistency – A Dynamic Learning Approach for an Online Asynchronous Course, Applied Economics Teaching Resources 3 (4), 30-43.

Picault, J. (2021), Don’t Just Read the News, Write the News! – A Course about Writing Economics for the Media, Journal of Economic Education 52 (2), 114-127.

Picault, J. (2021), Looking for Innovative Pedagogy? An Online Economics Instructor’s Toolbox, Journal of Economic Education 52 (2), 174.

Picault, J. (2020), Patent vs. Open Source: A Classroom Activity Using Texas Hold’em PokerInternational Journal of Management Education 18 (2), 100389.

Picault, J. (2020), Instructor’s Resource Manual for Principles of Economics, First Edition by Stevenson and Wolfers, Worth Publishers.
Also available for Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics.

Picault, J. (2019), The Economics Instructor’s ToolboxInternational Review of Economics Education 30, 100154.

Picault, J. (2018), Instructor’s Manual for Macroeconomics, Second Canadian Edition by Hubbard, O’Brien, Serletis & Childs, Pearson.

Picault, J. (2017), Risk-Averse Managers, Labour Market Structures, Public Policies and DiscriminationB.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics 17 (1).

Yang, F., Huang, S. and Picault, J. (2017), Is China’s Demographic Dividend OverShandong Social Science 260 (4), 82-89.- In Chinese

Picault, J. (2016), Inconsistencies in Textbook Presentation of Substitution and Income EffectsInternational Journal of Teaching and Education 4 (3), 7-15.

Picault, J. (2015), Introduction to Strategic Interactions, Duopolies and Collusion: A Classroom ExperimentAustralasian Journal of Economics Education 12 (2), 12-29.

Picault, J. (2013), Unionization and Labour-market Discrimination: A Closer Look at Non-unionized WorkersLabour 27 (3), 272–287

Selected Grants & Awards

International Review of Economics Education Best Paper Award – 2020

Curricular Innovation Grants and Awards – 2017, 2020, 2022


See full list of media coverage here: https://sites.google.com/site/julienpicault/media


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