Kit Pasula

Associate Professor

Office: ART 238
Phone: 250.807.9370

Research Summary

Macroeconomics; international economics; monetary economics.

Courses & Teaching

ECON 340 - Financial Economics; ECON 356 - International Finance; ECON 402 - Applied Macroeconomic Analysis


I have taught at the University of Toronto, Trent University, the University of Western Ontario, Dalhousie University, Okanagan University College, and UBC Okanagan. I have published in Journal of Macroeconomics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Review of International Economics, International Journal of Finance and Economics, Australasian Journal of Economics Education, and Applied Economics.


PhD, University of Toronto

Research Interests & Projects

My current research is in three broad areas: exchange rate and current account determination in multi-sectoral models; the terms of trade, sectoral productivity, and real and nominal exchange rate determination; and monetary independence under fixed exchange rates. I am also working on a manuscript titled ‘Dynamic and Multi-sectoral International Macroeconomics’.


‘Reserve Flows and Monetary Autonomy under a Fixed Exchange Rate: The British Experience under Bretton Woods.’ Applied Economics, Volume 52, Issue 17, 2020.

‘Teaching the Exchange Rate and the Current Account Balance in a Dynamic Model with a Non-traded Good.’ Australasian Journal of Economics Education, Volume 14, Number 1, 2017.

‘The Risk Premium, Interest Rate Determination, and Monetary Independence under a Fixed, but Adjustable, Exchange Rate.’ International Journal of Finance and Economics, Volume 21, Number 4, October 2016.

‘Monetary Non-Neutrality and the Intertemporal Approach to the Balance of Trade: The U.K. Trade Balance under Bretton Woods.’ Review of International Economics, Volume 5, Number 2, August 1997.

‘Monetary Independence Under Bretton Woods: Perspectives From a Stochastic, Maximizing Model.’ Canadian Journal of Economics, Volume 29, Number 3, August 1996.

‘Sterilization, Ricardian Equivalence, and Structural and Reduced-Form Estimates of the Offset Coefficient.’ Journal of Macroeconomics, Volume 16, Number 4, Fall 1994.


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